Ubuntu GNOME 16.04.1 LTS Released, but Still Doesn’t Uses the GNOME 3.20 Stack

First off, Ubuntu GNOME 16.04.1 LTS has been made available, as expected, only for those who want to either upgrade from a previous release, such as Ubuntu GNOME 15.10, which will reach end of life in a few days, or deploy the GNU/Linux operating system on new computers. Second of all, it appears that Ubuntu GNOME 16.04.1 LTS still dosen’t include the long-awaited GNOME 3.20 Stack update many users have hoped for. A few apps, such as GNOME Software has been updated to the 3.20.x branch, but numerous others remain based on the 3.18.x series. Not to mention that Nautilus is at version 3.14.