Ubuntu MATE 17.04 Lands with MATE 1.18 Desktop, Brisk Menu and Updated Components

Landing as part of the Ubuntu 17.04 (Zesty Zapus) release, the Ubuntu MATE 17.04 operating system features the latest MATE 1.18.0 desktop environment, which has been completely ported to the GTK+ 3 technologies. This means that Ubuntu MATE 17.04 is the first release of the flavor to drop GTK+ 2 support. Besides all the goodies brought by the migration to the MATE 1.18 desktop environment and GTK+ 3 technologies, Ubuntu MATE 17.04 ships with the Brisk Menu 0.3.5 applications menu created in collaboration with Ikey Doherty from the Solus Project, and a new Ambiant-MATE Dark theme contributed by Dave.