Ultimate guide to EmulationStation – the very basics of a retro gaming industry

I just have wanted to ask if you may be interested in a brief EmulationStation guide? We’ve got one ready for a guest post. This is a unique article, which is summary of how to deal with the EmulationStation app. The article includes:

1. Installation the EmulationStation on Raspberry Pi
2. EmulationStation Configuring
3. How to Install Themes on EmulationStation
4. Installation instructions for Debian
5. Launching EmulationStation on Raspberry Pi with a RetroPie SD card Image

Why EmulationStatio? Because, actually, this is a basic front-end for the Retropie project – the app, which entire retro gaming industry is currently based on.

Would you, please, answer if it’s interesting for you because some blogger ask me about placing this guest post on their blogs but I prefer to hold it for you for a while)

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