Unity 7 Fast-tracked Into Ubuntu 13.04

Ubuntu developer Michael writes in his blog that his feature freeze extension request in launchpad has been approved. Because of this feature freeze, Unity 7 will now ship as a component of 13.04. He writes: It’s a lot of new code, but it should all be available in a PPA in the next day or so, and it’ll be available there for about two weeks for people to test and provide feedback before it lands. I won’t go into all of the fixes, performance work and other technical changes, but if you’re interested in what this means for you as a user, keep reading. Michael also addresses the 100 scope promise for 13.04 and has pre-maturely announced that thay’ve fallen short, but does mention that there ???will be more scopes installed on the client than in previous releases, and even more that we will be able to implement on the server-side.??? Hall also touches on the ever-present privacy concerns of Ubuntu users saying we’ve ???tried to strike a balance between control and convenience, privacy and productivity???, but seems to allude to the idea that more data-sharing components of the dash will be activated by default. So, expect controls to turn off more than just Amazon.