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I have more on the previous submission on the SUSE certification mishap. Please talke my stuff and summarize it how you like to tell the story. Here is more I have gotten from SUSE. They are deferring blame to me, then Pearson. I will let you guys have editorial control on this.

My reply, and thread below
I did email SUSE regarding the changes, and the strange changes to your login system, which go through strange looking domain names. I was suspicious until I was contacted back by SUSE and they told me everything looked fine.

Hi Tristan,

We are sorry to hear that this somehow impacted you, but the main question is this:

Did you take and pass a SUSE CLP 12 exam within the two weeks before receiving the email that incorrectly assigned the certification to you?

If you did not, then it should have been fairly clear to you that there might be an error, and at the very least you should reach out to SUSE to verify why you had received a notification for an exam you had not scheduled, taken, passed or earned.

Again, we apologize for the inconvenience, but this issue was caused by Pearson, and any resolution you would further undertake would have to be with Pearson’s support staff.

Thank You.

Ross Brunson
Certification Architect

Ticket: https://susetraining.freshdesk.com/helpdesk/tickets/261

On Wed, 27 Jul at 10:48 AM , Tristan Mendoza wrote:
I have been in the middle of a job search. I adjusted my portfolio and resume to reflect what Novell/SUSE told me was up to date information. This means that for about 2 weeks, I have been sending out misinformation based upon what was sent to me, and it could very well cost me in impacts such as reputation, loss of opportunities, or similar consequences.
It also produces more time and work to return portfolio and resume, LinkedIn profile, etc to a corrected state since these changes were made
Is there any compensation you are offering for this sort of blunder and it’s consequences on the company’s part?

Tristan Mendoza
Certified CHFI, CEH; CCNA; LPIC-1/Linux+, Novell CLA; CompTIA Net+, Sec+, CASP

On 7/27/16 09:59, SUSE wrote:

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Dear Tristan,
Recently you may have received an email and/or a PDF certificate from SUSE that appeared to grant you a SUSE CLP 12. We have investigated the situation and have found an issue that affected a number of our certified individuals, and in nearly every case, the granting of the SUSE CLP 12 was incorrect.
In the investigation with Pearson, our credentialing partner, we discovered that the issue was due to an incorrect application of a credential rule in Pearson’s system, not anything under SUSE’s control.
Pearson has manually reprocessed all affected certification records. All individuals??? certification records have been restored to the proper state. If you would like to check your certification record, you can do so by accessing the Certification Database.
While we realize it has been a number of days since the issue occurred, due to the complexity of the issue and the number of records involved in the resultant fix, we wanted to ensure that everything was correct before we contacted you.
We in the SUSE certification organization want to apologize to all concerned for this confusing circumstance. We have instituted a series of safeguards with Pearson that will ensure that this kind of mis-application of certifications will not happen again.
If you have any questions about this issue and its effect on your certification record with SUSE, please email [email protected]
For more information about SUSE Training and Certification, please visit: training.suse.com.

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