Upgrading Bodhi Linux to 2.3.0

This isn’t a major upgrade. I’m sure there are some bug fixes and minor enhancements, but it mainly upgrades some essential software, such as the Linux Kernel, Enlightenment window manager, Midori browser, Terminology terminal emulator and Ubiquity, the Ubuntu default installer used by Bodhi. In addition, this update adds eCcess, a new system tool, and includes a slew of new themes for dressing-up the desktop. Because this is a minor upgrade, I was able to do most of the heavy lifting easily from the command line by running “sudo apt-get dist-upgrade.” This command initially returns a list of packages that have been changed and prompts for the appropriate action. I hit “y” to accept the entire list and moved over to my desktop machine to do some work while Bodhi and apt-get went about the business of updating the laptop.