Upside: Linux Saves

“Arthur Tyde was a die-hard OS/2 guy. He recalls a squeaky-clean
past at IBM. He wore suits and ties and had hair cuts at regular
intervals. Then his world imploded.”

“Then Linux provided his salvation. “I thought God, I’m going to
have to serve food! I can’t do OS/2 with a clear conscience,” Tyde
says. He researched the other OS alternatives and, as so many
pilgrims have done, he embraced Linux.”

“This week at LinuxWorld, Tyde is showcasing his new startup,
LinuxCare, offering what he calls “balls-to-the-wall” Linux
support. He will provide all those corporations that are so
fervently professing their belief in the power of Linux with
customer service and support. Yes, as the market whispers about
Linux going corporate, LinuxCare will step up with a call center.
It’s back to suit-and-tie time.”