UserGate IM Control – free solution for corporate control of Instant Messengers

Entensys company released free solution for corporate control of Instant Messengers – UserGate IM Control.
UserGate IM Control is a solution for Instant Messengers monitoring and control. It complements Entensys list of products to build safe and smooth IT infrastructure. Uncontrolled use of IM in corporate networks leads to:
– work time abuse by employees;
– data leaks;
– threats to information security by malicious attachments and links.
UserGate IM control provides comprehensive control of IM usage by employees. The solution allows blocking or permitting messages transmission, supports IM authentications and messages history. Additionally, UserGate IM Control enables automatic morphological content analysis and regular expressions filtering, thus preventing leaks of commercial information.
Product supports AIM, MSN, Jabber, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, Mail.Ru Agent protocols. The software is administered from a web interface.
More details are available on developer’s website: http://www.entensys.com/products/usergate_im_control/
Installation instructions: http://www.entensys.com/support/manual/im_control_1/ugpc_page_installation.html