Using touch and imagemagick To Lie To Your Boss

If you’re like me, you sometimes get an omni-potent feeling when staring down the proverbial ???barrel??? of the BASH shell. And why shouldn’t you? It’s built-ins have everything you need to conquer the world. In fact, you might even use it to get away with murder. Of course, we’re not here to kill anyone. ???We just want to cover our asses when the boss comes looking for our TPS reports.

You are habitually late meeting your deadlines at work. Your boss asks for April’s TPS report and demands that it be completed and in his inbox by Friday, 05/04/12. Friday has come and gone, though luckily your boss was out of town that day. You know that he is still expecting to see a PDF in his inbox, so you use imagemagick to make a phony, 3-page PDF.

Imagemagick has a great tool built into it called convert. We can use that to generate a 3 page PDF easily.

First, install imagemagick, though you probably already have it installed.


sudo apt-get install imagemagick

Now, let’s make the phony document. We…