Valve Rebases SteamOS on Debian GNU/Linux 8.7, Adds Mesa 13.0.3 & Nvidia 375.26

As many you are aware, SteamOS is derived from the Debian GNU/Linux operating system, on which the popular Ubuntu OS is also based. Debian Project recently released the seventh maintenance update to the Debian Jessie stable series, Debian GNU/Linux 8.7, and Valve rebased its SteamOS gaming distribution on the new Debian release. As such, the SteamOS 2.0 Build 110 Beta update adds over 170 security patches and bug fixes for numerous internal components, including but not limited to Bash (fixes CVE-2016-0634 and CVE-2016-7543), BIND9 (fixes CVE-2016-9131, CVE-2016-9147, and CVE-2016-9444), Cairo (fixes CVE-2016-9082), and GnuTLS 2.8 (fixes CVE-2016-7444).