[Video conference invitation] – Become open-source contributor

[Video conference invitation] – Become open-source contributor

My name is Yehuda Korotkin, I’m organizing international video conference.
the conference planned to be at Monday 14/7/2014 13:45 (GTM+2) via Google+ Hangouts (http://bit.ly/1pXsdD3)

This unique conference will take the participants to journey in the open source world.
The journey will starts from introduction to the opensource world to contributing one of the projects
within video conference (http://bit.ly/1pXsdD3).

I hope this video will motivate the watchers to start contribute and mix-in open source community.
It will be awesome if you can help me to distribute this invitation

The subjects of conference

Introduce the community
* What is Opensouce ?
* Why open-source is important?
* Why its important contribute to open source ?
* Who writes open source ? Why thy doing it ?
* Who is the community behind
* Why and How to become contributors

Women, Technology and Opensouce
* Why its important that women mix-in technology?
* Show them a way that women can mixed-in with grate community
* How can we motivate students to mix-in technology industry?
* Encourage women to be involved in community

Hands-on example of contribution
* Where people start? – Lead them to first steps to contribution of the code
* Contribution Hands-on

Education for contribution contributes us