VLC Media Player 2.2.5 Improves Video Scaling in VDPAU, MP3 Playback, and More

In fact, it’s been almost a year since VLC 2.2.4 was announced back in early June 2016, and users can now finally update their beloved media player to a newer version that has quite a number of improvements. For example, VLC 2.2.5 improves the MP3 playback quality when the libmad library is used, as well as VDPAU video scalling and the playback of palettized codecs. It also improves AES3 16bps decoding and SCTE-27 colors, fixes heap corruptions for the ADPCM and DVD/LPCM decoders, addresses integer overflows for the ASF and FLAC demuxers, as well as infinite loops for both the AIFF and NSVf demuxers, a null-pointer dereference in the FLAC demuxer, heap buffer overflows in the MP4 demuxer, and divide-by-zero errors for the SMF, MP4, XA, and VOC demuxers.