What You Should Know if You Are Deploying Open Source in the Cloud


I wanted to see if the editors at Linux Today would be interested in a contributed article titled, ???What You Should Know if You are Deploying Open Source in the Cloud???. It is written by Diana Marina Cooper, an open source corporate strategy consultant for Protecode. Below is a brief excerpt and outline. Please let me know if this would be of interest and I can send over the completed article for review/consideration. This would of course be offered to you as an exclusive.


oEmergence of strong cloud service providers
oProliferation of open source floating around in the cloud.
oSafely managing your transition to the cloud
???Growth of cloud computing
oWhat makes the cloud particularly attractive to enterprises
oAdditional drivers behind widespread enterprise adoption of cloud-based solutions
???Open source in the cloud
oGartner projections
oUnderstanding how the cloud environment changes license obligations
oObligations imposed by different types of open source licenses in the pre-cloud context.
oPermissive vs. restrictive open source licenses in the pre-cloud environment
???Cloud computing’s challenge to the distribution-based GPL model
oAGPL in the private cloud
???How to transition your organization into the cloud