Who is a Candidate for Desktop Linux?

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“As I said in earlier post last month, the work that I
do in my professional life requires that I still need to use
Windows and various Microsoft and 3rd-party Win32 applications,
even though I also use Linux. I also use various applications in my
personal life that have no true functional Windows equivalents, so
I have both Windows and Linux computers at home.

“However, my situation is somewhat out of the ordinary. I don’t
expect that most regular end-users have or need more than one
personal computer at home or at work. Additionally, as an
Information Technology professional and as a writer who covers the
industry that I work in, I choose to use multiple systems with
different operating systems at home for educational purposes and
also because I have a genuine curiosity about what is out there in
both the Open Source and Microsoft-centric worlds. That’s not
necessarily a realistic usage scenario for everyone.

“There are certainly ideal groups of people who are capable of
moving towards a 100 percent Open Source or Linux environment in
both their professional and personal lives.”


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