Who’s the largest LUG in the world? The issue is settled.

SVLUG refuted SSLUG’s claims
that they were the biggest LUG in the world. SSLUG replied with
this response. Finally, SVLUG
that cooperation is the best way to go.

“The issue never was so important about who is the largest LUG.
The question really was acknowledging or ignoring others who made
the same claim. After a weekend of misunderstandings, we’ve come
full circle to the initial idea of cooperation. Though cooperation
is now proposed as an alternative to arguing, rather than ignoring
each other. Hopefully this will put it to rest.”

“So now everyone’s tired of the argument. It’s been going on all
weekend. We can all reach the conclusion that there are too many
variables to claim to be the largest LUG any more. As we already
knew, several groups could claim the title under different
criteria. It’s time to drop it.”

“Many responses included the question, can’t we cooperate
instead of compete? Well, yes, of course. Actually, there was a
third option of ignoring each other, which was happenning before.
We’d be glad to choose cooperation over that too.”