WideOpenNews: Transmeta Finally Unveils Secret Chip

[ Thanks to Anne
for this link. ]

If Transmeta’s claims are real, Intel may have something to
worry about. The key to the Crusoe chip is long battery life — a
critical selling point for mobile computer users whose batteries
drain their juice in just a few hours….

“Torvalds made sure Crusoe was optimized for Linux, and the chip
is likely to boost Linux’s rise, this time in a different market.
However, one attendee later opined that Crusoe will run leaner and
meaner than Intel chips, while Linux already runs leaner and meaner
than Windows, so the new chips and Linux could make strong partners
in the fast-growing market for small, mobile computers….”

“The speed range is competitive with Intel chips, but the key
selling point for Crusoe is the way it’s been designed for low
power consumption, which can greatly expand battery life. “People
care a lot more about battery life than they care about
performance” for mobile machines, said Laird.”