Wild Terra – Free MMO-sandbox survival in medieval setting. Linux Early Access

???Wild Terra??? – MMO-sandbox survival in medieval setting with player-driven world. The game will be available for Windows/Linux/MacOS.

Fully player-driven world with no NPCs and premade towns.
Developed craft system: weapons, armor, tools. There are dozens of types of resources and no less ways to get them.
Possibility to build anywhere you want and whatever you want. From a campfire for a night, to a medieval castle.
Huge open world that players can transfigure and transform. Cut down trees in a forest, plow up land, build a road.
Free PvP and ability to destroy buildings of other players
Realistic animal behavior. If you need meat or hides, it won’t be easy to get them with bare hands. Animals scatter when humans come closer.

The game is currently on alpha test stage. Users can buy early access bundles and start playing as soon as they do this, along with helping the development financially. Release date is unknown, but is planned on the end of 2015.

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