Wine 2.6 Fixes Bugs for The Solus Project, Aliens vs. Predator, and No Man’s Sky

As expected, various apps and games designed for Microsoft Windows operating systems received fixes. These include TNR MoonLight 2.31.122 (works incorrectly), StudioTax 2011 (crashes), Regedit, DevExpress .NET Installer, Neverwinter Online (crash with DirectX 11, broken graphics, etc.), World of Tanks 0.9.15, Bethesda.net Launcher, and Train Fever. Wine 2.6 is here to fix a total of 25 bugs across various Windows games and apps. The list continues with the 32-bit version of The Witness game (black screen on start), Legacy of Kain: Defiance (crashes), Ri-li 2.0.1 (no window content), Rogue Operatives (white screen in game with HUD), The Solus Project, 0 A.D., BeamNG.drive, and Aliens vs. Predator (2010).