Wine Receives Initial Support for Running Vulkan Apps and Games, Wine 3.3 Is Out

Wine 3.3 was released today as the first release with Vulkan support. It also enables the Direct3D multi-threaded command stream and multisample textures by default and adds support for game controllers through the SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer), as well as support for loading command-like-only .NET binaries. Wine 3.3 also packs a total of 35 bug fixes, improving support for the Max Payne 2, Cosmology of Kyoto, Secret Files: Tunguska, Secret of the Luxor, Sherlock Holmes vs Jack the Ripper, Pingu, Rust, Pettson and Findus, The Witcher 3, The Witness, Magic The Gathering Online, Just Cause 2, and many Klik & Play games.