Witech Presenting ALL-READY Cortext-A8 Development Kit

The well-known ARM development kit supplier Witech Embedded recently introduced another high-end ARM Cortext-A8 Linux&Android; dev kit based on Samsung S5PV210 microcontroller targeting multi-media terminal, consumer electronic devices and invehicle infotainment systems, with the name of OK210-A.

Just like the elder OK6410, OK210-A is also designed to be ALL-READY. ???By ALL-READY we mean the OK210-A is delivered with everything ready-to-go. The OK210-A carries almost everything that customers would need, and everything is already working???, says the CEO of Witech Embedded, ???Together with the OK210-A we provide board support packages for Embedded Linux and Android, the most popular embedded operating systems in the current world, which includes complete drivers and sample programs for all on-board resources. Customers can either use them directly, or customize their own systems on the basis of provided resources???.

???Purpose of introducing such all-ready products is to help customers to simplify their development cycle, shorten time-to-market and avoid design risks???, said the CEO.

The OK210-A features:
??? Samsung S5PV210 ARM Cortex-A8 microcontroller, main frequency @ 1GHz;
??? 512MB DDR RAM;
??? 1GB NAND Flash;
??? 4 serial ports, including 2 5-wire RS232 (DB9) and 2 3-wire TTL (20pin 2.0mm connector);
??? 1 Ethernet port, 10M/ 100M auto-adaptive;
??? 4 USB Host interface supporting USB2.0 protocol;
??? 1 USB OTG interface supporting USB2.0 protocol;
??? 1 high-speed SD card slot supporting up to 32GB SDHC card;
??? 1 TF card slot;
??? 1 SDIO WIFI connector;
??? 1 CMOS camera connector supporting OV3640 3MP CMOS Camera;
??? 1 HDMI interface;
??? 1 CVBS output interface;
??? 1 54pin LCD interface;
??? 3 3.5mm Stereo audio I/O sockets, WM9714;
??? 1 matix keyboard connector;
??? 1 JTAG interface;
??? 1 Active Buzzer;
??? 4 LEDs;
??? 1 18b20 temperature sensor;
??? 1 infrared receiver;
??? 1 reset button;
??? 8 user buttons;
??? Built-in RTC (Real Time Clock) with back-up battery;
??? 1 SPI channel, 10pin 2.0mm connector;
??? 1 IIC channel, 10pin 2.0mm connector;
??? 1 A/D channel, connected to adjustable resistance for ADC testing;
??? Dimension: 130 x 190mm
??? Working Temperature: -10??C ~ +60??C
??? Working Humidity: 10% ~ 95%
??? GPS, GPRS, 3G, WIFI, CMOS Camera available as Add-on modules
Board support packages and sample programs are provided with source code, binaries, and documentations for Linux-2.6.35 Linux-3.0.8, Android 2.3 and Android 4.0.

Availability: The OK210-A ARM Cortext A8 development kit bundled with a 7??? capacitive touch screen is available now for US$199.00 at Witech’s official website http://www.arm9board.net.

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