YAMS 0.6 draft roadmap is put online

YAMS (Yet Another Merchant System) is an E-Commerce package
released under the GPL.

“After some internal discussion around what we wanted to do with
YAMS, we’ve put our ideas into the beginnings of a roadmap. This
information is still draft quality, but should be firming up
quickly based on input from the mailing lists, our internal needs,
and our customers. We’d like to have a design document up in the
next week or so, and start putting snapshots out on a regular basis
as we work toward a 0.6.0 release. Anyone wanting to contribute
code or ideas is welcome to join in the fun.”

“Required items must be done for 0.6.0. Nice to have items may
make it into 0.6.0, or may get pushed out. Long term items probably
will end up waiting until 0.6.X is a nice stable package.”