ZDNet.au: Penguins on the rise as Bill bows out

“Penguin fever is building as Linux creator Linus Torvalds
prepares to tell the world what he’s been working on at

“Lots of sex appeal with this company, which is partly backed by
international investor George Soros and Microsoft co-founder Paul
Allen. But does the Linus link indicate a connection to Linux? Stay

“The conspiracy theorists are going to say what they want —
regardless of the facts — but there’s less to Bill Gates’ decision
to pass the baton than meets the eye. No, it has less to do with
being a possible proactive move ahead of a prospective breakup as
part of an antitrust ruling than with a desire to move on with his
life. Jeez, the guy’s been a quarter century in the same job!
What’s more, Microsoft, which nearly blew it with the Internet,
missed the boat on Java and Linux. Gates can’t afford to let the
company miss out on the next Big Thing, whatever that will be.”