ZDNet: How Microsoft’s Brain Drain is Bleeding the Company

“When working stiffs need a break, they ‘call in sick’ for a few
days. When Microserfs need a break, they ‘call in rich.’

Roughly a third of Microsoft’s 30,000 employees are already
millionaires… But now the company that made them wealthy is
paying a steep price: More than half a dozen of its high-level
executives have resigned or taken leaves since the beginning of the

“The shift is transforming Microsoft. Look back five years.
Many of the minds who led Microsoft to its greatest victories
have left for good.”

“The shift threatens to transform the Internet as well, by
permeating the market with a new breed of startup. The piranhas are
out of the aquarium, and they promise to transform the Net with
their market-focused, fast-moving, aggressive startup ideas. Headed
by Microsoft veterans. Financed by Microsoft money. And infused
with the meat-eating Microsoft mindset.”