Zenkit Is Now Available as a Snap for Ubuntu and Other GNU/Linux Distributions

Promising to offer Linux users one of the most innovative, all-in-one and web-based project management solutions, Zenkit made a Snap universal app to help Linux users install Zenkit on their favorite GNU/Linux distributions. Created by Canonical, Snaps can be installed on Ubuntu, Debian GNU/Linux, Fedora, Arch Linux, Gentoo Linux, OpenSuSE, Linux Mint, Solus, and other popular distros. The Zenkit snap for Linux will let users use custom fields to manage and track their most important data, choose between the calendar, task list, mind map, spreadsheet, or Kanban board to view their work, collaborate with their teams in real time, mirror any business process, work offline, as well as to customise the app’s default views to match their preferences, as well as the task at hand. Zenkit is built with the popular Electron open-source framework.