Zorin OS 12 Lite Beta Adopts Xfce as Default Desktop Environment Instead of LXDE

The Zorin OS 12 operating system series were revealed last year in November, and, since then, the development team published both Business and Education edition with the promise that they are working as fast as possible to also release the Lite edition for those that want to install the Ubuntu-based distro on their old PCs from 5 or even 10-15 years ago. The biggest change that users will notice after installing the Zorin OS 12 Lite Beta operating system is that it uses the lightweight Xfce desktop environment by default instead of LXDE, which was used in previous releases of the distribution. This allows Zorin OS devs to create a user-friendly, consistent, customizable, intuitive, beautiful, versatile and more extensible experience for Zorin OS Lite.