5 of the Best Free Linux Disk Encryption Tools

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“Disk encryption is one method to help minimise the risks by
preventing unauthorised access to data storage, to ensure safe
information exchanges, safeguard against data leakage, and manage
compliance. This form of security is useful for any computer that
holds personal information, not only laptops. Disk encryption uses
disk encryption software to encrypt the entire hard disk. The onus
is therefore not on the user to determine what data should be
encrypted, or to remember to manually encrypt files. By encrypting
the entire disk, temporary files, which may reveal important
confidential data, are also protected. Security is enhanced further
when disk encryption is combined with filesystem-level

“Many organisations need to encrypt sensitive files but do not
have the funds to buy disk encryption software. Fortunately, there
is a good selection of open source software available to download
at no charge that offers good functionality. There are many
different tools that allow for disk encryption.”

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