BW: Intel Releases Security Software Technology to Worldwide Development Community

“Intel Corporation announced today at the RSA Europe security
conference it will deliver its Common Data Security Architecture
(CDSA) software to the industry at no cost. This will allow
companies around the world to develop security-enabled software
products for e-Business faster and in a more cost-effective

“Intel is making the CDSA software available as “open source”
code, which can be modified and used by developers with virtually
any operating system to add security features to e-Business and
other software applications. This open source approach also will
allow CDSA software to be used as the security infrastructure for
the Linux operating system.”

“One of the most important issues facing the computer industry
is security on the Internet,” said Craig Kinnie, Vice President and
Director of the Intel Architecture Labs. “By providing CDSA
software as open source code, Intel is helping fuel the growth of
the Internet, offering the industry the services needed to build
secure e-Business applications.

Press Release