BW: LinuxOne, Inc. Announces Release of New Product — `LinuxOne Lite’

“LinuxOne(TM), Inc., the “One Stop for Linux”(TM), announces the
release of its newest software product, LinuxOne Lite(TM), a
version of the popular Linux operating system specifically tailored
for the first-time or non-power user who desires to test Linux
software and learn how to use it….”

“Dr. Wun C. Chiou, Sr., President and CEO of LinuxOne, Inc.,
stated, “LinuxOne Lite demonstrates our commitment to the Linux
community and our desire to bring innovative new products to this
market. We expect LinuxOne Lite to be very popular among the
educational community, curious home computer users, and businesses
that need a version of Linux that can be easily installed and used
in a training environment.

“LinuxOne(TM), Inc., the “One Stop for Linux,”(TM) provides
world-class quality Linux software targeted to the server,
workstation, and home environments. It is distinguished by the
unchallenged availability of applications and platform support,
ease of installation and use, support, and commitment to lead in
the development of timely extensions that address the requirements
of the market for new functionality. LinuxOne operating software
provides stability, security, and usability for the end user.”

Press Release