BW: Phoenix Adaptive Firewall First Linux-Supporting Firewall to Receive I.C.S.A. Certification

“Progressive Systems, Inc., a leading provider of network
security solutions, today announced that its Phoenix Adaptive
Firewall has received certification from the International Computer
Security Association (“ICSA”), the foremost independent evaluation
and certification facility for network security products

The Phoenix is the first ICSA certified firewall to support
Caldera, Red Hat,TurboLinux, and S.u.S.E. Linux distributions,
further assuring business customers and value-added resellers
(VARs) that Linux is a viable platform for enterprise network

“The Phoenix is an enterprise-class security solution for any
business concerned with the integrity of its network,” said Matt
Dawson, President of Progressive Systems. “The Phoenix extends the
extreme reliability and high level security of a corporate-grade
firewall to all levels of the market. With ICSA certification,
businesses and VARs have yet another validation for choosing and
recommending the Phoenix.”

Press Release