BW: Sendmail, Inc. Introduces Secure Switch To Protect Confidentiality of Business Communications

“Sendmail, Inc… today announced Sendmail Secure Switch, a next
generation Internet Mail routing solution for organizations who
require a secure communications channel for conducting business
over the Internet.”

“Secure Switch provides state of the art server-to-server
encryption technology so businesses can now safely use the Internet
for transmitting sensitive information to partners, suppliers and
employees. By automatically encrypting the SMTP connection
between trusted servers, end users are freed from the burden of
exchanging keys in order to secure a message
before it is
sent. Server level encryption is a highly flexible, cost effective
and easy to implement method of protecting the security of Internet

“Secure Switch uses IETF standard transport layer security (TLS)
to create a dedicated certificate-based authentication channel
between SMTP mail servers across the Internet. It eliminates the
need for end users to share and rely upon specialized keys that
encrypt and decode messages that travel across the Internet.
Instead, end users have a secure server-to-server channel that
shields the privacy of all messages without any special

“Because Secure Switch employs encryption at the server level,
installation is much faster and less expensive.”

Press release