BW: Tripwire is First Major Security Company to Offer Open Source Linux Product

“Tripwire Partners with Caldera Systems, Red Hat and SGI to
Bring Integrity Assessment to Linux and Open Source

“Tripwire, Inc., the leading provider of integrity assessment
solutions, today announced its adoption of the open source model
for its flagship Tripwire(TM) product on the Linux operating
system. To facilitate the adoption and deployment process, Tripwire
is partnering with Caldera Systems, Red Hat (NASDAQ:RHAT) and SGI
(NYSE:SGI), to tightly integrate the software into their
Linux-based solutions. Further, Tripwire has decided to host its
development efforts on VA Linux Systems’ (NASDAQ:LNUX)
SourceForge(tm), the world’s largest open source development
center. These initiatives make Tripwire the first mainstream
security company to open its source code to the world.”

“Tripwire is not a stranger to making source code available to
its users. Since 1992, source code for Tripwire’s Academic Source
Release (ASR) has been widely downloaded and is actively used by
more than 300,000 users. In 1999, Tripwire released a significantly
enhanced commercial version, supporting major UNIX platforms,
Windows NT and Linux. Until now, these commercially supported
products were available in binary form, and the Linux product was
freely downloadable to users.”

Press Release