BW: TrustWorks…Launching Security Open Source Code at Networld+Interop Conference

“Leading Enterprise Network Security Developer Launches Security
Open Source (SOS) Initiative to Improve Interoperability and
Stimulate User Demand for Network Security Solutions.”

“TrustWorks Systems, an innovator in enterprise network security
solutions, today announced the release of several important
components of its Trusted Security(TM) Suite as open source code.
In making this unprecedented move, company officials said they
intend to promote broad interoperability of network security
products and create more secure Internet Commerce through
cooperative industry-wide development of Global Private Network
(GPN) security standards.”

TrustWorks’ Security Open Source (SOS) initiative is being
launched to support the efforts of various standards groups
including the IEEE and the IETF in improving the interoperability
of various network security technologies,
” said Dr. Alexander
Galitsky, chief executive officer of TrustWorks Systems. “By
providing key components of TrustWorks’ current technology as open
source, we hope to encourage other security developers to create
greater product interoperability and stimulate more market demand
for network security products throughout the world.”

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