CNET News.com: Hacker attack latest in string of online credit card thefts

“Since late January, at least eight small e-commerce sites have
been hacked exploiting a known security hole in Microsoft software,
according to a security investigator and companies and individuals
affected by the attacks. The companies were listed on a taunting
Web site posted by a hacker named ‘Curador’ claiming credit for the
attacks and listing thousands of stolen credit card numbers…”

“The hackers broke in using a security hole in Microsoft’s
e-commerce Web server software, allowing the download of customer
transaction records, several victims said. Curador taunted the
victims–and Bill Gates–on his Web site, which was paid for with
one of the stolen credit card numbers.”

“‘I would like to thank the nice people at ALL the Sites I
Cracked for having left their entire sales database, readable &
writeable for any one who bothered to check their site out,’
Curador wrote on a Web site…”

“‘Also Greetz to my friend Bill Gates, I think that any guy who
sells Products Like SQL Server, with default world readable
permissions can’t be all BAD,’ the message read.”

“‘We’re not blaming Microsoft, but that was the point of
entry,’ said Chris Keller, founder of SalesGate, adding that his
firm would now switch to a system using competing Linux-based