CNN/AP: Infamous computer hacker Kevin Mitnick ordered off lecture circuit

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“Kevin Mitnick, the notorious computer hacker accused of causing
millions of dollars in damage to technology companies, has been
ordered to get off the lecture circuit or risk going back to

“Under a plea agreement, U.S. District Judge Mariana Pfaelzer
prohibited Mitnick for three years after his release from any
access to computers, cellular telephones, televisions or any
equipment that can be used for Internet access. She said that she
thought Mitnick would be unable to earn anything above minimum

“Mitnick, 36, said he has been trying to educate others
about protecting themselves against cyberspace intrusions.

“This is good for the public and good for me because I feel
productive,” Mitnick said. “I recognize the errors of my past and I
want to be productive.”

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