COICA amended, still threatens Internet security

“Responding to a cacophony of opposing voices, citing free
expression and global governance concerns, the proposed Combating
Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act (COICA) has been slowed
down for now. COICA is now scheduled to be taken up during the lame
duck session following the November elections, which makes this
“intergalacticly bad idea” still very dangerous. For those
legislators who won’t be returning there is nothing to lose, they
might as well placate the well-funded and powerful intellectual
property lobby behind it.

“An amended version of the bill is now floating around. A
comparison reveals that staffers are getting feedback from the
network operators who will have to implement the process – namely
ISPs and registrars. Changes have been made in an attempt to limit
COICA’s effects on operation of the global DNS. However, an under
appreciated facet is how the bill’s attempt to use Internet
intermediaries for the purpose of enforcing intellectual property
rights (IPR) will impact the Internet’s security.”

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