GnackTrack Final is now out – The Gnome based penetration testing distribution

[ Thanks to Matthew
for this link. ]

GnackTrack is
a gnome based penetration distribution for all your penetration
testing and hacking needs. It’s based on Ubuntu 10.04 and contains
a considerable amount of tools that all run from the LiveDVD (also

After a conisderable amount of effort this month we are pleased
to announce the finished version of GnackTrack. Although this is the
final version we will continue to add new packages and updates as
they become available or are requested every 3 months unless a
major revision to a tool is made.

This version now includes language support which can be access
via System–>Administration–>Language Support. Keyboard
Layout preferences can now be accessed via
System–>Preferences–>Keyboard. We have added a GnackTrack
splash screen to the boot process and have also created a Services
section under the Gnome menu where you can instantly turn on/off
ssh, ftp, mysql, http, tftp, vnc, etc…

To download your copy visit the GnackTrack website and start
testing immediately

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