GNUman: PHLAK Penetration Testing Live CD Distro

“PHLAK (the Professional Hackers Linux Assault Kit) is a Live CD
distro, which means it runs straight from the cd, with no need to
install to hard disk. It is a distro tailored for penetration
testing, with some nice features to make it a productive

“Rather than the mainstream KDE or Gnome desktop managers, PHLAK
comes with 3 window managers, XFCE Fluxbox and vwm95. XFCE is the
default, being probably the nicest but also the heaviest of the
three. Fluxbox is a much lighter window manager, allowing you to
use PHLAK on older hardware effectively. The vwm95 desktop looks at
first glance like a windows XP desktop, and may help to disguise
the fact that you are using a live-cd distro if you are using it in
an office or public setting…”

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