GRUB vs. the Inodes: Who Needs a Bootable System, Anyway?

“Users of GRUB legacy, which is version 0.97, are getting bitten
by an e2fsprogs incompatibility that renders their systems
unbootable. e2fsprogs is the utilities package for the Ext3
filesystem, so it doesn’t affect other filesystems. As this Ubuntu
bug report states:

“‘e2fsprogs ≥ 1.40.5 creates ext3 filesystems with 256
byte large inodes by default (in contrast to 128 byte used before),
to accommodate for further ext4 related changes… Using any of
these new features requires updating the bootsector of your system.
Bootsectors written by ‘grub’ or earlier versions of ‘grub-gfxboot’
are not able to boot or even access partitions using any of these
new features…!”