InfoWorld: Government to implement measures to combat Trojan horses

“The federal government intends to make finding Trojan
horses and trap doors on computer systems a “research priority,” as
the risk is one that some companies may be facing as a result of
hasty Y2K problem repair work.
That was the message delivered
by Richard Clarke, national coordinator for security,
infrastructure protection and counterterrorism, at a U.S. Commerce
Department-sponsored conference on information security

“The Clinton administration is seeking $1 billion for
information security research and development projects in next
year’s budget and intends to coordinate its efforts with those of
the private sector “so we won’t be duplicating what the
corporations and the IT industry will be doing on their own,”
Clarke said.”

“U.S. officials are targeting auditors to help raise
information-security awareness because of their unique roles in
corporations: They interact with the companies’ boards of directors
and can question whether an enterprise is addressing its
information security issues.”

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