IT Manager’s Journal: How Secure is VoIP?

“Phil Zimmerman, the inventor of Pretty Good Privacy (PGP), the
application often credited with the introduction of cryptography to
the masses, recently announced his intent to provide PGP-like
software to ensure the privacy of voice over Internet Protocol
(VoIP) communications. VoIP, or Internet telephony, enables the
routing of voice conversations over IP networks (e.g. the Internet)
and is currently offered for use through newer companies, such as
Vonage and Lingo (and some not-so-new companies, like Verizon and
Comcast). You’d be well within your rights to ask, ‘If VoIP isn’t
currently secure, how can it be offered to companies and
individuals as a legitimate service? And if it is secure, why all
the fuss…?'”


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