kha0S Linux – Better Living Through Extreme Paranoia

From the kha0s website:

It is the desire of those involved in the development of kha0S
to produce the most secure Linux distribution possible. This is not
to say that the major distros are inherently insecure. However, we
cannot help but notice the limited attention these distributions
have paid to the issue of strong cryptography. kha0S was born to
fill this gap.

kha0S has no delusions of grandeur. We do not seek to garner
huge portions of the Linux market share (we shudder to think that
there is such a thing), nor do we exist to point out the failings
of other Linux distributions.

Due to U.S. restrictions on the export of cryptographic
material, 0.99-pre4 is not available at ftp.kha0s.org. We are
working with an attorney in order to determine if and how we will
be able to distribute kha0s from the Unitied States.