Linux.com: Kurt Seifried interview

“Kurt Seifried has been using and administering Linux
systems for about 6 years
, and decided it was a cool OS after
a few days. Having achieved enlightenment so quickly he didn’t do
much for several years until turning his energies toward Linux
security and writing the LASG
. This landed him a job at
SecurityPortal.com, where he writes about security and manages
various Linux security projects.”

Linux.com: How did SecurityPortal.com get
Kurt Seifried: Well it was started by Jim Reavis,
Kirk and Mary Shroyer, who’ve all been in the industry for a while.
They saw a need for security information/services, and are filling

Linux.com: How much of your readership is
primarily interested in Linux and UNIX specific topics?
Kurt Seifried: That I can’t say. But I do know
that a sizable percentage of the Web clients are Netscape on Linux
— more then we expected. I don’t know the exact numbers