Linux.com: The Wars Between Us

“At a first glance, the Linux community may seem like a band of
musketeers, united by a common purpose to overrun the world with
their Free Software, all for one and one for all. That is, of
course, unless the subject of distributions comes up. Don’t be
expecting a pat on the back from D’Artagnan over at the Debian

“The majority of the Linux community would happily inform you
that they are fine with any distribution, after all, it’s all
Linux. Except of course, for Slackware, because it’s old, slow, and
uses libc5. Or Red Hat, it’s too commercial. Or Debian, the
packaging sucks. Or Mandrake, the logo looks silly. And the list of
arguments goes on. Users would love to tell you that they
believe in complete distribution impartiality, but will then
proceed to tell you why they think you should run their
distribution of choice.


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