Linux Journal April 2000

“The April 2000 issue of Linux Journal (#72) will be mailed
from the printers in Waseca, Minnesota on March 12, 2000.”

Linux Journal Contents — #72 — April 2000

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  • The Internet by Marjorie Richardson


  • The Linux Home Network by Preston F. Crow
  • Assessing the Security of Your Web Applications by Nalneesh
    Gaur Web applications bring a new level of risk to the web
    sitehosting it. Security of the web application is paramount tothe
    security of the web site.
  • Setting Up a Linux Gateway by Lawrence Teo Explains IP
    masquerading using the 2.2 kernel and ipchains.
  • Linux and the Next Generation Internet by Stan McClellan,
    Michael Stricklen and Bob Cummings article on diffserv
    implementation using Linux
  • Eid Eid, OE/ONE Corporation by Marjorie Richardson


  • Building Your Own Internet Site by Tony Dean
  • The (not so) Wonderful World of DSL by Jason Schumaker
  • RTAI: Real Time Application Interface by P. Mantegazza, E.
    Bianchi, L. Dozioi, S. Papacharalambous,
  • Novell Adopts OpenLDAP by Craig Knudsen
  • Artists’ Guide to the Desktop, Part 2 by Michael J. Hammel
  • Transmeta Rewrites the Rules by Linley Gwennap


  • Product Reviews
    • NetMax Apache Webserver by Allan Liska
  • Book Reviews
    • A Practical Guide to SNMPv3 and Network Management by Charles
    • Interconnections, 2nd Ed.by He Zhu


  • Linux Apprentice: Customizing Vim by Dan Puckett
  • Linux Means Business: Pakistan On-Line by Rafeeq Ur Rehman
    Converting from SCO Xenix to Linux by Fred Treasure
  • System Administration: Large-Scale Linux Configuration
    Management by Paul Anderson
  • Kernel Korner: The Linux Scheduler by Moshe Bar
  • Cooking with Linux: Cooking with Linux by Marcel Gagne
  • At the Forge: Designing Databases by Reuven M. Lerner
  • The Last Word: e-Market e-Madness, e-Nough. by Stan
  • Linux in Education: Linux at Yorktown High School by Justin
  • Focus on Software by David A. Bandel
  • Embedded Systems News Briefs by Rick Lehrbaum
  • Games We Play by Jason Kroll


  • Letters
  • upFRONT
  • Penguin’s Progress: Where Have the Nets Come From? by Peter H.
  • Linux for Suits: Now What: Are We Going to Let AOL Turn the Net
    into TV 2.0.. by Doc Searls
  • Best of Technical Support
  • New Products
  • Advertisers Index

Strictly On-Line

  • Web Analysis Using Analog by Gaelyne R. Gasson
  • Shell Functions and Path Variables, part 2 by Stephen
  • The Generation Gap by Brian Marshall
  • Enlightenment Basics by Michael Hammel

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