Linux Journal: “Feel Lucky, Tux?” Maximum Security Linux Now Available

“But safeguard our systems against hackers we must, and even if
it is simply a game of chasing the horizon, it is always a good
idea to have the best tools on hand in your network’s defense. Said
Jim Reavis, Webmaster for SecurityPortal.com, “With the ever
increasing size and complexity of networked software, combined with
the sophistication of today’s hackers, we are more exposed to
security threats than at any other time.”

“Thus Macmillan USA, one of the world’s largest computer book
publishers, and SecurityPortal.com have stepped forward with one of
the most comprehensive security packages for Linux to date. Their
product, Maximum Security Linux, features the Linux Security
Suite, which includes policy guides, FAQs, security tips, as well
as GNU General Public License security software.