Linux Journal: Using ssh Port Forwarding to Print at Remote Locations

“One way to make the printing system seamless is to set
up a relay system that gets the print job from the lpr system at
example.com and passes it over to the lpr system at home.

Let’s do this by using the port-forwarding features of ssh. What
this does is allow you to connect an arbitrary port on your local
system to a port on the remote system or vice versa. Then you can
use programs that talk to a port to connect to the remote machine.
Let’s look at an example. Say you wanted to run your browser on
your local machine but to look at your company’s intranet, which is
hosted on the company server at example.com but is not available to
the public. Using ssh you forward the local port 8080 to
example.com’s port 80 with the command:

ssh -L 8080:example.com:80 example.com


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