LinuxNewbie.org: Getting Past Carnivore?

[ Thanks to Sensei
for this link. ]

“While this may be no new news to anyone here are some thoughts
on circumventing security modules such as Carnivore. Based on the
gathered information related to Carnivore copies mail in order to
filter it based on human programmed input.”

With this in mind it should be easy to circumvent this with
simple little tweaks in order to send that “threat” you’ve been
thinking about, or any other irrelevant e-mail you’ve been paranoid
to send down the wires.

“Due to the fact Carnivore is ISP based from what I read, this
does not apply to using a re-mailer from whatever address your
sending the e-mail from nor does it apply to sending spoofed
e-mails since after all, it is only monitoring your account on your
ISP or wherever else this server is capturing e-mail from.”