Linuxnewbie.org: Installing GnuPG 1.0.1

[ Thanks to Sensei
for this link. ]

“GnuPG is a public key encryption program designed to replace
PGP, which is encumbered with patented algorithms like RSA and
IDEA. It is GPL’d and also conforms to the Open PGP standard.
There are many different reasons to use encryption in everyday
life but a couple major ones are how simple it is to intercept or
“spoof” emails and the fact that an application like GnuPG can be
used to sign a document or file
, proving that it came from the
person that signed it and that it hasn’t been tampered with in

“There’s quite a bit of information on the concept of public key
cryptography on the net, most written better than I could explain
it so I won’t go into more detail about the specifics of what it is
and what it can be used for. Instead, let’s move on to the
installation and it’s basic use.”

“First we’ll go to the GnuPG web site, www.gnupg.org, and
download the source code for it….”