LinuxPR: PSINet to Offer Global Enterprise Messaging Service (Gems) Based on HP’s OpenMail

“Alliance Between PSINet, HP and Articon-Integralis to Provide
Functional, Reliable and Low-cost Messaging/Collaboration ASP

“PSINet and Hewlett-Packard announced that they will offer
hosted, business-class messaging and collaboration e-services. The
announcement was made here at E-Services World. The new Global
Enterprise Messaging Service (GEMS) is scheduled to be available
from the end of March from all of PSINet’s major European offices
and will be extended throughout the world later this year.”

The underlying technology chosen by PSINet is OpenMail,
HP’s strategic messaging/collaboration e-services technology
while the implementation, support and additional e-services
(including Internet security) will be provided by
Articon-Integralis, HP Consulting (HPC) and other OpenMail