LinuxPR: Spanco Inc. Migrates to Linux

LinuxForce Inc. has completed the design, construction and
installation of a high-end file server as the first step in the
migration of Spanco to Linux-powered computing systems to support
their world-wide operations.
Spanco Inc. is an international
leader in the manufacture of industrial cranes with offices in the
United States, Canada and Mexico. Their headquarters and plant are
in Morgantown PA.”

“The turnkey Linuxforce installation was accomplished with a
LinuxForce Keystone RAID file server. The Linuxforce Development
Division programmed it to accomplish various complex tasks for
Spanco. The Linux-powered server has been designed to support Solid
Works, a new CAD/CAM system, for their NT engineering workstations.
The Debian version of Linux was used to take advantage of it’s
recognized strength in remote service issues. Security issues and
the strength of Linux in this area were also factors in the
decision making process.”

“Christopher Fearnley Senior VP Technology for Linuxforce
commented that “the rapid acceptance of Linux by major industry is
easy to understand: Linux is a rock solid performer and emerging
companies such as LinuxForce are providing dependable installations
and support.”